Advice for Incoming Freshmen

The Freshman Class of 2019 gives advice to the incoming Freshmen of next year.

Andrew Holt, '19

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As the year is coming to an end, the Freshman class of 2019 was asked to give their BEST piece of advice to their incoming brothers from the Class of 2020. Many responses suggested a heavy emphasis on homework and grades, whereas some just focused on cookies. Here is what they said:

“Go to football games.”

“There are bad and mean people everywhere.”

“Be nice to everyone.”

“Get an iPad case with a Keyboard.”

“There are a lot of clubs…”


“Make friends and immerse yourself into clubs, sports, and sporting events.”

“Don’t be scared to make new friends.”

“Use academic support wisely and to your advantage. Also get your service hours done quickly.”

“Try to relax a little. High School is not as hard as you think.”

“Just be yourself. Don’t go and try to be someone else.”

“Don’t stress over homework, and don’t try to impress.”

“Get involved with sports or other activities.”

“Really embrace the experience, and don’t be nervous or afraid; just jump all in.”

“Study up to a week before all tests. Get your max amount of studying in to where you’re almost over prepared.”

“Be very careful about your grades and turn homework in on time by managing your time.”

“Be nice.”

“Try and talk to everyone and make friends early on. It’s a lot harder as the year goes on.”

“Everyone is new also, not just you.”

“Get strait A’s first semester.”

“Don’t think too much.”

“Talk to ALL your teachers during academic support at least twice a month.”

“Study a lot for finals.”

“The brotherhood isn’t real until later on in school.”

“Get cookies everyday.”

“Ask your teachers for help if you need it.”

“Stay on top of your school work.”

“Focus heavily on getting homework just completed, because even if you complete it, you will get the points and will be better for the tests, rather than not completing the homework.”

“Do your homework as soon as possible and don’t procrastinate.”

“Use your time wisely, do your work! Do NOT procrastinate!”

“Your teachers aren’t going to be brutal or mean to you as long as you actually try.”

“Don’t stress about grades. They’re super important but as long as you do what you’re supposed to be doing, and doing work, you’ll be fine.”

“Don’t be stuck to one group of people.”

“Have good time management.”

“Work hard.”

“Try hard 1st semester and make friends.”

“Don’t do drugs.”

“Do fall sports.”

“Apply yourself, don’t slack.”

“Act like you know the school, don’t be awkward.”


“If you’re the strict type, then the best thing to do is try to deal with all of the loud and annoying people in your class.”

“Don’t be dumb.”

“Don’t procrastinate over assignments, quizzes, or tests.”

“Do not procrastinate… EVER.”

“Stay humble, but stay strong.”

“It’s okay to stress. If it becomes a problem, go to your counselor, it’s what they’re there for.”

“Know what a syllabus is.”

“Don’t be nervous.”

“Use academic support for work not just cookies.”

“Be social.”

“Learn from your mistakes and be content with what you can do. There will be a lot of smart kids, so just make sure you do the best you can do.”

“Don’t look the seniors in the eyes…”

“Get a solid GPA. This will allow you to keep your GPA good later. Get involved with sports and other activities to help get to know people early on.”

“Take more care of grades.”

“Be happy and work hard.”

“Get on the teachers’ good side. If they like you, the class will be more enjoyable.”

“Be swag.”

“Join as many clubs and sports as you can.”

“Do all your work.”

“Focus on keeping your grades high freshman year because it matters a lot and it’s hard to get yourself out of a bad situation because you got bad grades early on.”

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