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RJTV Presents: The Jesuit Wall of Fame

May 16, 2016

The Jesuit Wall of Fame

The Jesuit Wall of Fame

The Jesuit Wall of Fame

As you walk through the doors into the newly constructed and always hectic Steele Center, one of the first things that pops out is the Jesuit Wall-of-Fame.

On the wall hangs many prestigious Jesuits who have in some way greatly impacted the community of Regis Jesuit as a whole. “They were so great because they all had the desire to learn, the desire to pass that knowledge on and they were all unique in their ways. Regis wouldn’t be what it is without their contributions,” said Mr. Ralph Taylor, a boys division English teacher.

In honor of each and everyone’s hard work, the alumni, led by Mr. Miller the Director of Alumni Services, decided to pay respect to them and raise money in their name. “The class is faced with the task of raising $5,000 in order for a bust to be created and hung,” said Miller, “It’s a great way for alumni classes to get together and pay respect to someone that dedicated their life to them in school,” he said.

Just a small idea from former president Fr. Phil Steele, the wall has developed into something big.

“It’s 100% up to the classes to get this going and let it grow organically,” Miller said, “it launched in April 2015 with 4 classes and from the financial participation standpoint, things have nearly double,” he said.

The wall will continue to grow and continue to influence the students who lay their eyes upon the busts. The beautiful sculptures are hard to miss and the Jesuits hard work and dedication to the school will be seen years to come.

As years pass by and classes continue to donate and help the project grow, more and more Jesuits will be framed into the rich Regis Jesuit history.

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