The Booze Blues

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The Booze Blues

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Are RJHS Students 100 Proof?
Teenagers drinking alcohol is nothing new, but surely one escapes the horror of yule guzzling when they attend a private prep school like Regis Jesuit, right? According to research done on the junior class, this is far from the case.

Out of the group asked about alcohol, a wide majority said a that they drink, and the subject seemed like “no big deal” for anyone who was asked, regardless of whether they drink or not. Interviews from two sides of the argument drinkers and non drinkers, expose how each side feels about the subject, and what makes them feel the way they do.
The drinker-

This anonymous student made it very clear that he understood the legal and health risks of under age drinking, also said that he drinks a few times a month in social situations. He said that its “very easy” for a minor to get alcohol, and that “probably more than half” of his friends drink occasionally. When asked about the social atmosphere of Regis he responded saying,

“I believe there is social pressure to drink, but not as much as our culture plays it up to be. I think it also is very dependent on the groups we run with. I personally see very little social pressure. I also have surrounded myself with friends that hold similar values to myself, though. I think our culture makes it seem like there is extreme social pressure to drink and party in high school, but I simply do not think that is very prevalent. I think there are points and groups this pressure could be seen more in, but I honestly don’t very much.”

A far cry from the town drunkard, this Regis student is still breaking the law and participating in risky behaviors, things that Regis openly stands against.

The non drinker-

A non drinker at RJHS was also interviewed, SOBERED by the risks of “liver failure” and possible damage to legal records, this student said he never drinks, except for on occasion enjoying a glass of wine with his family. He too agreed with the drinker, downplaying the widespread belief that there is massive social pressure to drink. He maintained that above all, he chooses not to drink becasue he personally has no interest in it.

So what is is different between these drastically different lifestyles? According to both, “personal preference” seemed to be the deciding factor among teens at Regis. No laws, no rules, no lessons from elders will stop them from choosing their own habits. On the other hand however, it seems as if no amount of perceived social pressure to drink will influence those who aren’t interested.

There may not be a sober, DARE oriented conclusion that comes out of this article, but there is one of conviction, just as those who chose to drink will do so no matter what, the unsung minority, those who refuse to drink, are equally as steadfast in their values

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