Driving the Bus: An interview with the RJ bus line

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Who do you rely on in your everyday life? Maybe it’s your friends, family or teachers, but what about the end of the day? Who do you trust to take you home after a long day of school? You guessed it! It’s the friendly neighborhood Regis bus drivers! You can always turn to them for any questions or if you just want to chat! Our Regis line bus drivers work hard to make sure your safe and comfortable.

Bus driver for Red line, Diana, says it’s a difficult job and not a lot of people can handle it.

“There are times when patience is really really vital for doing this job.” She says ” Most people don’t have the driving training we get… This vehicle is 40 feet long most people don’t have that in their consience and they also don’t know what it takes to keep it on the road safely.”

She later mentions that her journey of life doesn’t stop at bus driving. She is actually a writer. She specializes in short stories. And she is also trying to become an architectural engineer.

“I am really carrier bound in another direction. I am actually trained as an architectural engineer and I’ve done that for over 25 years. I’ve decided not to go back into it because I wanted to do something else.”

She is now focusing on writing short stories and plans on have I got a few published. She is also on the verge of starting a commercial writing business.

Sometimes riding on the bus is a time for people to reflect on my day or listen to music. For others, it’s a time to get their high score for clash royal or cookie clickers. But for most it’s a time to catch up on school work.

“Usually it’s a time for me to relax or study for an upcoming test.” Says occupant, Jack Lyon. “It’s a nice work place for me.”

Most School bus drivers are miserable and incredibly dislike they’re job. But at Regis, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance or help when your on the regis bus.

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Driving the Bus: An interview with the RJ bus line