Colin Yakely: Transfer Student

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Colin Yakely: Transfer Student

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The brotherhood. The one thing that makes Regis Jesuit unique is preached everyday within the brown stone walls, but for students like Colin Yakely, the brotherhood is hard to find.

Colin Yakely, a sophomore at Regis Jesuit plans of transferring at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. To Colin, Regis Jesuit has not been very accepting of him.

“I get bullied every day” Colin says. “I’m just really tired of it. Some people bully me everyday, some people just do it every now and then, but no matter what I still don’t like it.”

Walking around the halls of Regis with curly blonde hair and big black glasses is a man who has been harmed by his fellow classmates. For most Regis Jesuit students, Regis is a place of acceptance and love, where the brotherhood thrives. But for Colin Yakely, there is a much gloomier view of the brotherhood.

“I’d say it’s ironic that Regis teaches the brotherhood on things like retreats, but lets things like bullying go on almost unnoticed,” Colin says.

This is not Colin’s only grievance with Regis faculty and staff.

Colin starts by saying “Teachers need to stop teaching out of the book”. He goes on “Teach the students how the material has real life applications.”

Yakely does enjoy some Regis teachers, including British Literature teacher, Mr. Bruno.

“Mr. Bruno is good at teaching out of the book, and helps everything make sense. More Regis teachers need to be like Bruno.”

Colin is not the biggest fan of Regis Jesuit administration either.

“Take care of things better,” says Colin in a stern tone. Colin cites some of problems surrounding the community, including the Twitter dilemma last spring and certain problems regarding the sophomore class.

“These problems created drama and rumors. Administration needs to handle it better,” Colin talks about, later saying “it’s no fun to go to a school like that.”

Colin Yakely’s story should not be shamed, for he is one of many to transfer from Regis. Instead of looking at Colin as an alien, or a lost cause, Regis Jesuit as a community should look at Colin’s story and learn.

Walking out the doors of Regis Jesuit for the last time, Colin says he will remember the swim team, remember the good friends, and even some teachers. What Colin hopes to forget is the rumors, the drama, and the bullying.

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