Dominick Khong – One of the best youth competitive gamers in the country ’20

Take a look into the life and story of one of the best youth competitive gamers in the state.

Chris Faber

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Freshman Dominick Khong takes a deep breath as he warms up his PC and prepares his controller for action.

“I remember seeing the cars flying and being like, I wanna do that, so I did,” he says of the first time he saw the tournament game Rocket League.

Dominick is a competitive gamer who plays rocket league. Rocket League is a game with flying cars and a giant ball which you hit into your opponents goal. “Like soccer,” Dominick says, “But with cars.”

Everyday Dominick takes the hour long bus ride to his house. When he gets home he starts homework just like any other student. But after he is done and if he has the time, he warms up his PC and starts playing.

It can be grueling work. Every weekend, Dominick enters several tournaments.

A tournament can last like 10-15 minutes. Prizes can vary, but the biggest competition in the country has a grand prize of three million dollars. One million for each member of the winning team.

Dominick got his start when his brothers college friend gave him a membership to the game.

“From that moment, I was in love with the game,” Dominick said. ” I loved seeing all the other players flying. I had no idea how they could do that”. Dominick said. ” I practiced and practiced until I basically mastered it.”

Soon Dominick would begin practicing several hours a week. “Do you see a future in pro gaming”? ” No I see myself as a doctor.”

Whatever Dominick does, you can be sure he’ll be flying over the competition!

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