RJ Presents: Mr. Tim Newton

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Teachers will always come and go. Most faculty members at Regis Jesuit cannot claim that they have dedicated more than half of their life to teaching at the school. Mr. Tim Newton is not one of those people. After 42 years as an art teacher at Regis Jesuit, Mr. Newton has certainly made an impact. Throughout his numerous years as an art teacher at the school, Mr. Newton has taught Fine Art 1 and 2, AP Studio Art, Independent Art, Ceramics 1 and 2, as well as the Regis Video Club. In recent years, computer arts have evolved and became a main focus within art courses, which have spread out to include a wide spectrum of Adobe products.

In a day’s work, Mr. Newton can be seen in multiple classrooms, whether it is the Boys Division art room or various computer labs. Mr. Newton is constantly evaluating students’ work as well as teaching new skills that may be adapted and incorporated into future projects. In the basic Fine Art 1 course, Mr. Newton looks at many students’ sketches, all while tweaking small details to make the work better. In the computer courses, the style of teaching was a little more systematic. “In the 90’s, I brought in some Apple computers, and we started teaching Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop back then.” As technology may advance, the concept of art will always be the same: creating something beautiful.

As an art teacher, Mr. Newton would know that the art of creation does not always end on paper: Video is one of the many beautiful ways of portraying one’s craft. In years past, Mr. Newton has traveled through many places in Europe, all while documenting his experiences through video. Over the span of a year, Mr. Newton captured many of his experiences on film, and uploaded his story for the world to see. “While I was on my sabbatical,” he says, “I created a video each week and put it on a YouTube channel that followed my journey as I lived in Europe.” Although his experiences with videography were ones he will never forget, including his passion for Adobe products, Tim’s love for art has always returned to the paintbrush.


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