The Amazing Megan Rielly

MacKenzie Fisher '18

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How many sports can one person do? The normal person would think that maybe two or three, but not Megan Rielly. She decided that five sports would the number to beat. The sports she enjoy doings are skiing, volleyball, mountain biking, canoeing, and soccer

“My parents had always wanted me to get into sports and I always loved sports, I was in soccer than I moved to volleyball, so sports were always appalling to me” stated Megan.

The love from her parents had pushed her into doing so many sports and she loves them all. Skiing is her number one sport, but the involvement she has to that sport never stop her from getting involved in others. She loves soccer, but for the time being she has not been involved in that sport as much. She has played volleyball for the past three years and over the pass year she has really developed a love for mountain bike and canoeing.

“Mountain Biking is kind of like the thrill of skiing and it’s the opposite season of skiing so I can still have that thrill” answer Megan.

She is always looking for that next adventure and thrill which all of theses sports give her. She wanted to push herself and find news ways to get that thrill that she so enjoys. Megan does have many plains for the future and the passion she has for sports will continue.

“I will definitely do mountain biking, canoeing, volleyball for fun on the side and skiing I really want to continue on the competition level, but it’s hard because colleges don’t have competition team. I do own I will find away to still compete because I love it so much”

The determination she has to continue what she loves is so astonishing. She is an amazing athlete that brings a smile to everything she does. The determination she has now will continue on into everything she does in life.

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The Amazing Megan Rielly