Flower Petals in the Wind

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by Maddie Merritt ’16


Late that night in the autumn breeze,

rose petals fall like grace.

The cool wind carries them away,

Like they are in a race.

Girl standing still, frozen in stone,

Hates thar she’s all alone.

Sees a petal, watches it fall,

Wants love that’s all her own.

Rose petals move farther along,

Past a broken down shack.

Broken glass and cruelty lies,

Boy runs,

Dad yells come back.

Sun rising,

A new day begins,

Like the quite before the storm,

People find peace of mind.

What happened to the girl you say?

Well she lives to this day.

Broken-hearted this I am sure,

Life got her down per se.

But fear not the hardships of life,

Trust in your heart and mind,

And soon you shall find peace.

Soon the stars will align.

Pursuit of happiness is long,

The journey never ends.

Love conquers all and breaks the hate,

To heaven it transcends.

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