It’s Too Warm to Wear a Sweater

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by Riley O’Connell ’15

It’s too warm to wear a sweater,
but too cold to wear a dress.
You’re too naive to know better,
but too smart to be such a mess.
It’s too late to be out now,
but you should live life while you’re young.
You’re too dedicated to take a break,
but too desperate to have fun.
You’re too old for storybook fairytales,
but too young for the real world.
Too trusting— don’t you know you’ll get hurt?
Too emotional— you’re such a girl.
It’s too bad that you’re not interested
because that guy thinks you’re hot.
It’s too bad that he thinks that,
when you think that you’re not.
You’re too arrogant to make friends,
too self-conscious to make them stay,
too popular to be so lonely,
too pretty to feel this way.
You’ve got enough tears to drown you,
but not enough you to sink,
you’ve got too much potential
to give a damn what they think.
It’s too warm to wear a sweater,
but too cold to wear a dress,
but what everyone tells you about you
doesn’t make you any less.

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It’s Too Warm to Wear a Sweater