Sleeping Angel

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by Maddie Merritt ’16


Sleeping angel where are you now?

I want to see you but I don’t know how.

Do you remember your solemn vow,

Silently made under a broken bough?


Sleeping angel watch over me.

Your light fills the world with tranquility.

Wings of desire blanket the night delicately,

As the break of day appears unyieldingly.


Sleeping angel your mind is what we need.

A mind not bound by hatred or greed.

Simple but intricate like a coriander seed.

A heart whose love profusely bleeds.


An angel’s help we cannot get.

Their lives are fleeting like a silhouette.

They reside in humans, bound together in a true loves knot.

For an angel can do what God cannot.


Sleeping angel remain faithful.

We may not show it but we are forever grateful.

Sometimes the world can become a little forgetful,

So always remember that you are special.


Sleeping angel where are you now?

Resting and watching from the white clouds.

Your eyes are like sapphires that shine bright.

When everything is dark,

You give me light.

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